Cancer is changing the face of society as we know it.

Restore Health SA was started because in 2014, Faheema’s dad was diagnosed with cancer. Needless to say this 5 year journey into understanding cancer has evolved from an alkaline, ionised water company into a overall wellness brand.

The one thing we have discovered in the last 5 years of doing this is that cancer is changing the way we as a nation are managing our individual health. In March 2019, South Africa was literally listed as the most unhealthiest nation in the world!

This is not surprising when you see the ease of convenience of fast food shops in literally every suburb of this nation.  But when will “we” as a community stand up and say enough?!

Enough to the fried, easy foods that are destroying our health?  So follow me on a journey of self discovery into the cancer journey and lets restore of health as a nation.

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